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Hugged by a plain sweetly fenced by verdant hills and by an incredibly blue sea, famous in ancient times for her glorious Medical School (the first in Europe), Salerno is a very vivacious and extremely modern centre, in particular along her coastal strip where the splendid promenade gives the possibility to have a walk in direct contact with the sea: between a visit to a museum and a shopping spree, here you can relax in one of the many coffee shops or on one of the many elegant and distinct benches.

Going towards the slopes of the hill under the imposing mass of Castello di Arechi of the II century b.C., one discovers a historical centre rich in artistic memories which conserves intact the characteristics of a marine city, closed in an intricate medieval web of narrow and winding roads full of life and rich in shops where one can admire medieval buildings and beautiful Renaissance Churches rich with precious frescos.

Right in this precious context raises the symbol of the city: the XI century Cathedral richly decorated with marble carvings with a high bell tower of Arab inspiration.

Leaving Salerno and going south towards the Cilento, you arrive in the most beautiful city of the Magna Grecia in Italy, in other words, Paestum, the small town which boasts about its three Greek Temples, the best preserved in the world: the Basilica or Temple of Era, the so-called Temple of Neptune, the most imposing, supported by 40 travertine columns, and the Temple of Cerere (dedicated to the goddess Athena).

Erected in the verdant plains and easily seen also from the sea, they capture the attention of visitors emitting a different light according to the hour of the day and to the season. The visit to the Archaeological Museum is very interesting because it conserves all the finds discovered during the digging of the ruins that have brought to light the remains of the antique city.

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