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The most requested excursion because its itinerary is a continuation of magnificent glimpses and a profusion of naturalist beauties together with the architecture and the magic of the unique places along the Mediterranean Coast:

-Positano, the "jewel of the Divine Coast", a pearl set in a splendid natural background that with the charm of its narrow streets made of stairs and dome roofs never stops bewitching artists and visitors. According to the Roman legend, it was built by the god Neptune in order to seduce nymph Pasitea, but according to the history it was founded by the refugees of Paestum who had survived the Saracens, and even before it was known by the Phoenicians and Greeks for its sea village.

-Praiano, perched on rocky spurs with small clefts that continue into caves and ravines, the most suggestive is the Grotta dello Smeraldo accessible either by land or by sea.

-Furore, resort which gets its name from the fury of the small stream that for centuries has dug into the cliff creating the gorge where the village was constructed. On arrival you will be amazed by the beauty of the place: a bridge, from where fishers often throw their fishing line, connects the two boundaries of the fjord.

-Amalfi, the first Italian Marittime Republic: admiring it from the sea it is difficult to believe that this village situated at the end of the Valley of the Mill has been one of the most powerful centres of the Mediterranean. The ability of its sailors, the invention of the compass by Flavio Gioia native of Amalfi, a real maritime code, an own currency and some shipyards that produced fleet for half of Europe, all contributed to the ascent of the city. It’s the occasion to visit the marvellous Byzantine Cathedral of Saint Andrea, surrounded by a maze of narrow streets where the people of Amalfi used to defend themselves from the Saracen raids.

-Ravello, an enchanting, late-medieval centre constructed on a rocky spur 350 metres on the sea wedged between the valleys of two streams. Examples of Arabian-Sicilian architecture of exceptional value are present everywhere: twined pillars, Byzantine and Moorish capitals, mouldings, architraves...the Cathedral, the historical hotels, the cloisters, the viewpoints, the villas of Rufolo and Cimbrone overlooking and admiring the beautiful view of the coast...There isn’t an arrival in Ravello which is not accompanied by a desire to stop and understand with a glimpse the order of this place, while having a rest after the trip.

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